Garden Update

Stories from the garden front

Camawald Garden in Summer
Summer is a season of contrasts - the golden yellow of the dried grass in the paddocks, the bright green of the vineyards and the differing colours of the many large trees throughout the garden. This is the time that the lawns, hardy kikuyu, come into their own. Regularly mowed and watered they offset the garden beds and, combined with the dense shady trees, provide a cool environment despite the [more]
  Spring at Camawald is heralded by yellow – in the many wattles putting on a cheerful show each August and September and by the thousands of daffodils flowering throughout the garden. Bulbs come into their own; jonquils, iris, liliums, freesias, ranunculi, bluebells, ixias and the delightful little tritelias, or star flowers, which carpet the ground.   Ornamental flowering tree [more]
Camawald History
When John and I bought our property in 1976 the whole area was open farming country with no vineyards or buildings in sight, the only vegetation being giant red gums. The landscape has certainly changed! We immediately began planting trees, both as shelter for sheep and cattle as well as ornamental planting for the home and garden we intended to create. We built our home in 1980 by which time w [more]